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A-Z of My Favourite Holiday Destinations: Thassos

Icon Written by Fred Hart on June 30, 2020 – 21:35

The Northern most island in Greece is my destination of choice for T. Thassos, where I first went 19 years ago, has no airport and but can be reached by ferry from either Kavala or Keramoti.

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Around the Island :: Γύρο από το Νισή

Icon Written by Fred Hart on May 25, 2019 – 21:04

Today I’ve done my own self-guided tour of Thassos and have driven a whole lap of the island.

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Paradise Beach

Icon Written by Fred Hart on August 6, 2014 – 06:53

We went to the East coast of Thassos yesterday, to Paradise Beach (Παραλία Παράδεισος). One of the most popular beaches on the island, it is reached by a dirt track going down the mountainside from the main road. We parked up at the top and walked down.

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My “Grand Tour of Greece”

Icon Written by Fred Hart on January 9, 2014 – 10:20

Plans are now well under way for my month long visit to Greece this Summer – which I have decided to call my “Grand Tour of Greece”, which makes it sound much more exciting than it really is.

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