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The EU: In or Out: The Interview

Icon Written by Fred Hart on May 11, 2014 – 18:22

In 11 days, voters in Britain choose who they want to represent them in the European Parliament for the next 5 years. The question is: What does the EU do for us in Gloucestershire, and would Britain be better off outside the Union?

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Political Interviewer

Icon Written by Fred Hart on April 12, 2014 – 15:24

I became a political interviewer for a few minutes this week – I enjoyed it!

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Cheltenham Literature Festival 2013: Cheltenham Decides: Is It Time to Leave the European Union?

Icon Written by Fred Hart on October 12, 2013 – 11:07

Last night I went to a debate on the European Union at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood, The Times Berlin Correspondent David Charter, and The Times columnist Oliver Kamm were discussing the issue of leaving the EU, and what effect this would have on Britain.

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