Fred Hart Online

Radio Listening Blog –
Every day I blog about something I’ve listened to on the radio within the past 24 hours.

My Greek Website –
The Greek version of my website. I blog there too – occasionally.

Corinium Radio –
The local community radio station for Cirencester, broadcasting twice yearly (three days in July and three days in November).

Tone Radio –
Student radio at the University of Gloucestershire, based at the Park Campus in Cheltenham.

1Radio –
Internet radio – I broadcast regularly from my bedroom (and the station can be picked up anywhere in the world)!

Cirencester Deer Park School –
One of Cirencester’s secondary schools. I went to school here from 2004-2009.

Cirencester College –
The local college. I was a student here from 2009-2011.

University of Gloucestershire –
I am currently a student here. In September 2012 I’ll start my second year studying Radio Production.

Greek Connexion –
Linda’s website (Linda is my Greek teacher).

Radio Jingles Blog –
Updated occasionally – my views on the jingles used by radio stations in the UK and abroad.

BBC Radio 2 –
The radio station I listen to most…

BBC 6 Music –
Radio 2’s ‘sister’ station.

NDR 1 Welle Nord –
The local radio station for the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Cirencester’s twin town of Itzehoe falls within their broadcast area.

Public Service Broadcaster for Greece.

Ράδιο Κρήτη –
Radio Crete. Commercial radio station based in Irakleio, Crete.

Cotswold Conservatives –
The local branch of the Conservative Party.

Radio Today –
Radio industry news & press releases.

Jingle Mad –
Website/forum all about radio jingles.