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Introducing… Fred Hart’s Grand Tour of Greece

By , 11/01/2014 17:40

As we approach the final term of my final year at university, I am being a typical student and not thinking about what job to do when I leave, but I am instead thinking about how I can spend a month in my favorite country: Greece.

I’ve been thinking about it since I got back from Syros last year; but it was not until the beginning of this week that I finally booked it all.

So, I am now proud to unveil my plans for…

Fred Hart’s Grand Tour of Greece
Tuesday 1. July to Tuesday 12. August 2014

In six weeks, I will stay in five different locations (Athens, Leivadia, Syros, Thessaloniki and Thassos); and I will use 6 different types of transport (plane, bus, train, Athens underground, ferry and car).

Take a look at my itinerary – I think you’ll agree I’ve managed to come up with an interesting/varied trip, which I will get a lot out of!

Hurry up, July 1st. That’s all I have to say now…


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