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From Syros to Athens: Final Night in Athens

By , 24/07/2014 21:42


Arriving back in Athens following the four hour ferry journey from Syros felt a bit like arriving at Gatwick after a flight. It was that “I’m home from holiday” feeling.

My time from Syros was, if you like, a “holiday within a holiday”; it did make me feel rather Greek to jump on a ferry and go to an island for a two day visit, then jump back on the ferry and return to the mainland.

After checking out of my room this morning, I headed to Galissas Beach for a final swim; spent so long in the water my hands aged by about 50 years… but then, my hands only need 5 minutes in water before they start to go wrinkly.

Later, I popped to the office where Yannis of Galissas Studios works; that was where we stayed last year, and Mum has already suggested that we may go back independently in the future – so I called in to get his contact details so we can look at it properly.

The time then came for me to pay my bill, say goodbye to Antonis, and get the bus in to Ermoupoli.

From Ermoupoli, I took the 16:00 ferry (on the Blue Star Naxos / Μπλου Σταρ Νάξος boat) back to Piraeus – I stood at the back of the boat for about 50 minutes as we sailed along the coast of Syros, before turning and then seeing the island Syros fade away in to the distance.

The journey back was rather pleasant – as I found a spare seat on the sundeck, and sat there as we sailed past island after island… and whenever we were close enough to land to get a 3G mobile signal, I’d quickly boot up my laptop and do my e-mails. The on-board wifi was a bit too expensive for me.

Arriving back in Piraeus, we had some excellent views of the city as we approached – I could clearly see the Acropolis and Lykavittos Hill. As a sign that my Greek is definitely coming along nicely during this trip, I was able to understand every word of the stream of tannoy announcements as we docked in Piraeus, and didn’t need to listen when they were translated in to English afterwards.

On arrival in Piraeus I headed for the Metro station, got a 24 hour travel pass, and went back to my hotel in Metaxourgeio; changing trains at Omonoia, the journey took about 40 minutes.

Tonight really is my final night in Athens: and it occurred to me that after 24 days in Greece, I was back in the hotel where it all started – in the room next door to the one I had during the first week.

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