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Athens Festival

By , 18/06/2014 17:42

Got a ticket to see a concert at the Athens & Epidaurus Festival – at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.Athens Festival

Virtual Tour…

By , 07/06/2014 19:46

Google Street View has launched in Greece.

I’ve been playing, taking virtual walks in both Athens and Thessaloniki.

Heres the hotel I’ll be staying at in Athens…

Neos Olympos Hotel

When I visit the Meteora in Central Greece, I’ll be staying in the village of Kastraki.

Zozas Rooms

Later in the trip, I’ll be staying in this hotel in the middle of Thessaloniki.

Hotel Kastoria

Just a little taste of where I’ll be living in July and August this year.

Tickets Purchased

By , 04/06/2014 16:56

I paid for my train & ferry tickets this morning…

Train Tickets

Checked In

By , 03/06/2014 09:53

It is 4 weeks today that I fly out to Athens for the start of my Grand Tour of Greece.

I’ve just checked in for my flight.

Boarding Pass

Introducing… Fred Hart’s Grand Tour of Greece

By , 11/01/2014 17:40

As we approach the final term of my final year at university, I am being a typical student and not thinking about what job to do when I leave, but I am instead thinking about how I can spend a month in my favorite country: Greece.

I’ve been thinking about it since I got back from Syros last year; but it was not until the beginning of this week that I finally booked it all.

So, I am now proud to unveil my plans for…

Fred Hart’s Grand Tour of Greece
Tuesday 1. July to Tuesday 12. August 2014

In six weeks, I will stay in five different locations (Athens, Leivadia, Syros, Thessaloniki and Thassos); and I will use 6 different types of transport (plane, bus, train, Athens underground, ferry and car).

Take a look at my itinerary – I think you’ll agree I’ve managed to come up with an interesting/varied trip, which I will get a lot out of!

Hurry up, July 1st. That’s all I have to say now…


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