Venlo to Zierikzee

Driving across the Netherlands for my final night on the European continent before returning to the UK…. but not before crossing back in to Germany to fill up with petrol (it is cheaper than in the Netherlands).


The Netherlands

00:00:00 LIMBURG: Departure from Venlo
00:04:08 A76


00:06:42 Autobahn A40
00:07:42 Exiting the Autobahn to fill up with petrol
00:10:35 Rejoining the Autobahn A4

The Netherlands

00:12:36 LIMBURG: A76
00:45:24 A2
00:52:23 A58
01:24:10 A16
01:32:20 A59
01:45:21 Traffic is held while the motorway bridge is lifted to allow boats through
01:47:35 ZUID-HOLLAND: Island of Goeree-Overflakke
01:49:15 N59
02:05:35 ZEELAND
02:09:32 Island of Schouwen-Duiveland
02:29:14 Zierikzee
02:34:37 Arrival in Zierikzee (Town Car Park)