Warnemünde to Travemünde

For me, this was the start of the long journey home – For my sister, this was her last stop in Germany before flying home. We started heading West and stopped off at the beach of Travemünde, near Lübeck.


00:00:00 MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN: Departure from Warnemünde
00:02:23 B103
00:05:08 Rostock
00:18:54 Autobahn A20
00:30:48 Autobahnraststätte Fuchsberg
01:00:03 B104
01:08:54 Selmsdorf
01:19:13 B75
01:19:53 Herrentunnel
01:30:34 Travemünde
01:42:41 Arrival at Travemünde Beach