Renesse to Calais

Returning home to the UK from Norway, my final drive on the continent took me from the Dutch island of Schouwen-Duiveland to the Port of Calais.


The Netherlands

00:00:00 ZEELAND: Island of Schouwen-Duiveland:Departure from Renesse
00:18:00 Passing the Neeltje Jans Deltaworks
00:23:53 Island of Noord-Beveland
00:39:47 Motorway A58
00:40:24 N254
00:48:19 N62
00:55:29 Western Scheldt Tunnel


01:16:01 OOST-VLAANDEREN: N423
01:16:37 R4 (Ghent Outer Ring)
01:19:05 Autosnelweg A11
01:24:00 N49
02:02:04 Autosnelweg A11
02:08:42 N31 (Brugge-Zeebrugge Expressway)
02:17:32 Autosnelweg A10
02:24:00 Autosnelweg A18
02:35:52 Mannekensvere Noord Services


02:49:36 NORD: Autoroute A16
03:11:03 PAS-DE-CALAIS
03:19:29 Autoroute A216
03:24:18 Arrival at the Port of Calais
03:41:02 Boarding the ferry