Zweidorfer Holz to Wernigerode

After stopping for lunch at the services I got back on the road and continued on to the town of Wernigerode, in Sachsen-Anhalt, where I stopped off at the Luftfarhtmuseum (Aviation Museum).

00:00:00 NIEDERSACHSEN: Departure from Zweidorfer Holz
00:01:00 Autobahn A2
00:09:10 Autobahn A391
00:17:23 Autobahn A39
00:18:50 Autobahn A395
00:35:56 B6
00:43:49 Leaving the dual carriageway
00:45:47 B244
00:48:02 Wernigerode
00:52:43 Arrival at the Luftfarhtmuseum