Thüringer Wald to Raststätte Rimberg

This was the one day during the entire week in which I encountered any rain. The Autobahn isn’t entirely pleasant in the rain! This video shows part 1 of the journey from Thuringia to Cochem in the Mosel Valley.

00:00:00 THÜRINGEN: Departure from the Forest
00:09:54 Oberhof
00:22:04 Luisenthal
00:28:47 Ohrdruf
00:39:09 Schwabhausen
00:43:32 Autobahn A4
01:02:47 HESSE
01:33:08 Autobahn A7
01:35:24 Autobahn A5
01:41:12 Arrival at Raststätte Rimberg (Breitenbach am Herzberg)