Overloon to Köln

After leaving the war museum at Overloon I headed towards the German border. My destination was Cologne – Germany’s fourth largest city – and I would be driving right in to the city centre.

: Departure from Overloon
00:04:18 Rijksweg A76
00:05:49 LIMBURG

00:24:39 NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN: Autobahn A61
00:38:05 Autobahn A52
00:45:06 Rasthof Cloerbruch
00:46:56 Rejoining the A52
00:56:51 Autobahn A57
01:18:56 Taking the wrong exit. This isn’t the A1!
01:21:12 Autobahn A1
01:28:08 Autobahn A4
01:32:33 Exiting the motorway
01:32:56 B265
01:36:05 Köln (Cologne) and Umweltzone (Low Emissions Zone)
01:42:20 Driving along the tramlines doesn’t feel weird at all…
01:44:52 B55
01:46:43 City Centre
01:51:58 Arrival at my hotel