Harburger Berge to Itzehoe

Part 2 of the journey from Wolfsburg to Itzehoe, the motorway stretch. Traffic delayed be for about 45-60 minutes, so the journey took a bit longer than it should have done.

00:00:00 HAMBURG: Departure from Rasthof Harburger Berge
00:00:46 Autobahn A7
00:30:45 Elbtunnel
00:51:50 Autobahn A23
01:21:15 This is how the Germans react to emergency vehicles
01:31:19 On the open road I’m almost at 100mph now
01:37:05 On the home straight – slightly over 100mph by this stage!
01:40:47 Leaving the Autobahn
01:42:55 Itzehoe
01:54:23 Arrival at Barbara & Albrecht’s House