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Planning My Next European Road Trip

Icon Written by Fred Hart on April 8, 2018 – 22:41

I normally find that by mid-late May the weather in Germany is warm and Sunny – perhaps the odd thunderstorm. I was lucky last year to get temperatures of 30°c down in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. This year I won’t be that far South so I don’t think I’ll get quite that! But I hope that, in travelling the last weekend in May, I will get some decent weather.

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Dashcam: Blackheath to Cirencester via Central London

Icon Written by Fred Hart on March 15, 2018 – 17:36

Normally when I drive back to and from London I use the M25 and avoid the busy Heathrow section out by cutting through Bracknell using the A329(M) and M3. But for a change – on the basis it was the very early hours of the morning – when driving back from the Country to Country […]

Fred On the Radio: 15 January 2018

Icon Written by Fred Hart on January 15, 2018 – 23:30

Monday evening live with Fred Hart. An eclectic mix of music, interesting chat, and Fred’s take on the day’s events.

Passing Summer Storm

Icon Written by Fred Hart on July 29, 2017 – 14:05

Thursday was a cool and overcast day, and the wind was up. Not really a beach day, so in the morning we went in to town to have a proper walkabout there, have a drink with a view, and top up on supplies.


Icon Written by Fred Hart on May 16, 2017 – 13:52

Crossed the border from Rheinland-Pfalz in to Hessen and spend a couple of hours in the town of Rüdesheim.

Views from the Cable Car

Icon Written by Fred Hart on May 15, 2017 – 10:55

I used the Seilbahn (Cable Car) to get across from the centre of Koblenz to the fortress.


Icon Written by Fred Hart on May 14, 2017 – 17:40

A view along the Rhine looking towards the centre of Boppard.

Night out in Athens

Icon Written by Fred Hart on October 23, 2016 – 23:49

I returned to Athens mid-afternoon and immediately changed in to shorts and t-shirt: It was quite warm as I walked from the railway station to my hotel. After checking in to the hotel I left my luggage in my room…

Planning Ahead: Road Trip To the Rheinland

Icon Written by Fred Hart on October 2, 2016 – 10:07

As we head in to October the weather turns colder and I begin to wish I was living in a warmer country.

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Another Holiday Booked…

Icon Written by Fred Hart on January 9, 2016 – 21:55

If money was no object, I would probably spend my time travelling (as well as listening to the radio of course).

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