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From Coast to City

Icon Written by Fred Hart on July 28, 2018 – 22:38

It took another 2 hours to get to my destination for today: Belgium’s second city and largest port, Antwerp. I’ve driven round it several times, but never been in to it until now.

Swimming In the English Channel

Icon Written by Fred Hart on July 27, 2018 – 23:35

It’s a long way to the water once the tide has gone out though (to the point that I couldn’t see my chair from the edge of the water).

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My Franglais Needs Improvement

Icon Written by Fred Hart on November 25, 2017 – 14:28

Having deliberately wiped all my French from my brain when I started focussing on German at school, these days I can only put a few French words together and can not string a whole sentence together. This wasn’t too much of a problem for my latest European getaway. I took myself completely out of my […]