Third Year of Uni
This is my site Written by Fred Hart on September 23, 2013 – 15:52

I was back at uni today – for the first day of my third (and final year) studying Radio Production.

One one hand, I’m happy: I like radio… And I like studying it! Very soon I will get back in to doing regular radio shows on Tone Radio, where I am now Head of News.

I’m in new accommodation again this year. For the first time, I’m in a house with people on the same course as me, and who I already know. The trouble is, that means they all know when I’m meant to be doing work – or, in other words, they have all the same assignments and deadlines as me, and they know when I really should not be watching Greek/German TV or episodes of Yes, Prime Minister on DVD.

HOWEVER… This time next year, I won’t be returning to uni. 🙁 So the next few months, apart from trying to pass all the modules and get my degree, will be all about trying to get a job. The trouble is, I don’t want to leave uni yet. I quite like it here!

That said, before I can even think about leaving uni next year, I do need to do the work and go to lectures. So I won’t worry about that quite yet.

Right… Lecture in half an hour. I’ve got to charge my laptop up beforehand. And I’m hungry as well.

Bye for now.


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